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PCPA is a computer repair company that is based on the software problems and also hardware replacement. We specialize in windows desktops, laptops and also notebook computers. Our service is best for you as our customer! No regrets every hardware replacement has a warranty of 12 months, no need to have headache anymore we are here to give what's best for your computer. Read more

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PCPA embarked a journey from 2016 till now is in business and we are hoping to improve our system to the higher level, where you could see or track the progress of your device during repair. Our friendly team will analyse your computer for hardware and software failures or errors.  We will send you the report with a quotation attached before any work is started. All our technicians are highly skilled in all types of desktop computers and laptops. Usual turn-around time for software and common hardware repairs is 1 working day.  Get in touch with us now.


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Technology is a peace that most of the people would find extremely difficult to live without. But, when people realize that their devices are not working, it is a shocking experience for them. They suddenly feel isolated and disconnected from their friends and family, that is the moment when they will be glad to know exactly where they can find reliable repair service providers.. Learn more...




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